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This is the first time I have ever had a website and I am excited to have an opportunity to have a site where I can share information about my courses, and other information of interest.

With the guidance, encouragement and support of my “Optometric Daughter” Pilar Vergara this website has become a reality. Thank you Pilo!!!

My first message will be brief…

Recently an article appeared in the Washington Post, which is one of the most prestigious and important newspapers in the USA.

Marguerite Kelly is a syndicated columnist, who writes the “Family Almanac” where people write in questions for her to answer.

In December 2012, a concerned parent wrote to Marguerite because her son was having problems in school.

 Her response included many things which were excellent including:

  • Having her son’s vision checked by a developmental or behavioral optometrist rather than an ophthalmologist:

“Although an ophthalmologist will tell you how well your son can see, it usually takes a developmental or behavioral optometrist to tell you how well his eyes are working when he reads or when he looks back and forth from the blackboard to the printed page.”

  • That the symptom of ADD might actually be caused by a vision problem:

“If your son is still quite distractible and fidgety…he might have attention deficit disorder. But not always…parents should always have their child’s eyes checked before he gets tested for ADD, because these disorders often have the same symptoms.”

  • Where to get help for her child:

“Vision therapy is to the eyes what physical therapy is to the body, and it’s effective 90 percent of the time. He’ll just have to wear special glasses for a little while…and do some eye exercises every day.

To learn more, go to, the Web site for the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.”

If you want you can read the entire column here:

I wish all who sign on to my website a New Year filled with health, happiness, prosperity, and BIG dreams.



“There is no greater blessing than to part of changing someone’s life.”

This article was written by robert

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