Pediatrics: Optometric Evaluation and Treatment of Infants and Young Children

Course Highlights


Review of the anatomical and visual development of the eye, ocular motility, accommodation, and binocularity

Piaget’s theory of child development with an emphasis on how it relates to the optometric examination, academic learning, and vision training.

Discussion and demonstration of effective evaluation procedures for pre-school children with an emphasis on the WACHS Analysis of Cognitive Structures Test (WACS).

Discussion of Primitive Reflexes and the implications of retained Primitive Reflexes for learning in school, sports, and vision training.  Includes understanding the reflexes, and the demonstration of specific evaluation and treatment procedures to promote reflex integration.

Discussion and demonstration of effective optometric evaluation procedures for infants, including visual acuity, refractive measurements, ocular motor control, accommodation, binocularity, and eye health.

Home procedures to support optimal visual development in the infant and pre-school age child.

The course includes live demonstration of Dr. Sanet evaluating infants and pre-school children.

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