“Powerful Vision Therapy: The How and Why of Vision Therapy: Practical Teachings and Hands-On VT Techniques”


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San Diego Seminar Series:

Dates: 2016
  • Seminar I—January 8-10
  • Seminar II—March 4-6
  • Seminar III—May 13-15
  • Seminar IV—July 15-17
  • Seminar V— September 9-11
Dates: 2017
  • Seminar I—January 6-8
  • Seminar II—March 3-5
  • Seminar III—May 5-7
  • Seminar IV—July 14-16
  • Seminar V— September 8-10

Review of the anatomical and visual development of the eye, ocular motility, accommodation, and binocularity
Piaget’s theory of child development with an emphasis on how it relates to the optometric examination, academic learning, and vision training.
Discussion and demonstration of effective evaluation procedures for pre-school children with an emphasis on the WACHS Analysis of Cognitive Structures Test (WACS)

How Visual abilities relate to sports performance
Understanding the role of the optometrist in the area of sports performance enhancement
In-depth sports vision evaluation procedures
Analyzing the evaluation data and relating the visual skills deficits to sports performance deficits

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